‘Am Stand II’

One of the most adapted oil paintings of his time was Womacka’s ‘Am Strand’ (‘At the Beach’), (1962), a realistic picture of two young people at the beach. In his way, he invited the youth of the time in East and West to dream. The painting was reproduced more than three million times on various materials such as calendars, postcards and stamps, to name a few.


Walter Womacka was an honest and brave person who stood by his deeds and ideals. He was a man of few words, always speaking from his heart and never minced his words. He avoided being loud and let his works speak for themselves. He was a kind, family man who loved his grandchildren above all, always trying to spark their creativity and imagination. Building rabbit stables together and small boats to sail on the Baltic Sea where among his favourite memories.

Womacka was an endless optimist and believed in changeability and peace in the world. He will eternally exist through his symbolic pieces of work for many generations to come.

photograph of matthew
photograph of anna


As the heirs of the painter Walter Womacka, we feel obliged to preserve his life's work and to ensure that his contribution to German and international cultural history is adequately acknowledged. We feel that our motives are not emotionally or subjectively driven, but rather based on the particular relevance of his oeuvre.

Walter Womacka became one of its important representatives in the days of the GDR through his commissioned work as well as his function as rector of the Kunsthochschule Berlin - Weißensee. His versatile work is artistically and chronologically significant. The cityscape of Berlin was significantly influenced by his works, the “Haus des Lehrers' with friezes of countless mosaic stones, the “Brunnen der Freundschaft des Menschen', one of the most popular fountains in Berlin, and the 'Weltzeituhr' at Alexanderplatz, a popular meeting place for Berliners and tourists, just to name a few of his many works.

In cooperation with professional art critics, we have created a portfolio for Walter Womacka, which you will find attached. In addition, a digital catalog of works has been created, which at your request can viewed in a private website. With your support, we would like to give Walter Womacka his rightful place in the cultural history of our time. In your position you have the expertise and opportunities to make the work of Walter Womacka accessible to the general public and to support you we are open to make his works available to you through a loan or participation in an exhibition.

'The art of realism (naturalism) is incorruptible (1962)'