flower picture walter womacka

'We need to reach a point where visual arts are not solely understood as a form of broadcasting daily events. We should rather look to Leonardo da Vinci: “A good painter has two chief objects to paint — man and the intention of his soul, The former is easy, the latter hard' (1962)



With a history initiated nearly over one hundred years ago, the uniqueness of the art lies in its authentic approach.

Works of the artist are among others owned by the New National Gallery Berlin, the Collection Ludwig, the Art Archive Beeskow and the State. Less in circulation, since privately owned by the family, are about 360 painting and paper works. Viewing his work as a whole created a deeper comprehensive overview of the artist’s work, including previously overlooked aspects such as Womacka’s interest for Pop Art or Surrealism. In the following pages a few selected examples of his magnificently broad scale of work is presented in five categories; Man and his Work, Exoticism, Political Portraits, The Fall of the Wall and Still Lives.